Our Mission

AKB Residential Ltd was formed in 2014 as a new venture dedicated to the construction of high quality homes in exceptional locations. The directors have over 20 years experience working  for national house builders and in  the financial markets in London, combining this experience to ensure that AKB has access to extensive funding options along with in depth knowledge of the development process.

In addition to the board of directors AKB is dedicated to using local consultants and experts in our developments; the business is supported by local solicitors, estate agents, architectural services and engineers all of whom are based in Norfolk. This ensures that we always benefit from valuable local knowledge both in terms of the area and relationships with the Local Planning and Building Regulation Authorities.

The ethos driving AKB is one of delivering a high quality product incorporating the latest construction methods and materials in a subtle but effective way. Our houses are energy efficient, built from sustainable materials and incorporate design features that set us apart from our competition.